Pottermania is for grown-ups too

Harrypotter61While the past week’s media coverage of Pottermania has focused on kids, lots of grownups have been plowing through the new book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, to see which character bites the dust. (No, AdFreak won’t tell.) A survey by Zogby International finds 29 percent of adults saying they’ve read at least one of the Harry Potter books. And among these adults, two-thirds said they intend to read the new one. Do grown-up Potterians identify with Harry? Perhaps not, to judge by another of the survey’s findings. Asked which of the Hogwarts houses they’d place themselves in, more picked Ravenclaw (41 percent) than Harry’s own Gryffindor (30 percent). Another 23 percent see themselves as Hufflepuff material, with just 2 percent viewing themselves as Slytherin types. (We’d offer a link to www.hogwarts.edu, but puzzlingly, it seems not to exist.)

—Posted by Mark Dolliver