Postal Service video hits No. 1 on iTunes

PostalserviceitunesThe mini non-controversy growing controversy concerning Apple’s Intel ad and The Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” video isn’t hurting the band at all. The video was just added to iTunes and, thanks in part to a banner on the iTunes home page, has shot to No. 1 on the video chart, ahead of Eminem’s “When I’m Gone.” It’s almost like this was planned from the beginning. More than 100 people have reviewed the video on iTunes, but a number of them seem to be confusing the ad and the video, leading one exasperated visitor to write: “Reading some of these reviews wants to make me punch myself in the face. ‘Making computers’??? Where in this video do they make ONE single computer? … Most of you need to stop writing reviews and start blogs instead.” UPDATE: The band thinks it’s getting hurt, anyway. AdPulp points out that The Postal Service is upset that its video was copied for the ad. Ingrates!

—Posted by Tim Nudd