Porsche open to Mini’s idea of having a race


Mini is challenging Porsche to a race. It's launched a Facebook campaign to suggest a showdown at the Road Atlanta course, two weeks from now, between its Cooper S model and Porsche's 911 Carrera S. The amusing part, as Jalopnik points out, is that the 172-horsepower Cooper S has all but no chance against the 385-horsepower Porsche 911, unless the Porsche is being driven by an elderly person. (Should the race happen, both brands will select a driver of their choice.) Anyway, Porsche tells Jalopnik it's actually considering the idea. "Porsche has the most racing victories of any manufacturer out there—28,000 and counting—maybe we should go for 28,001," the brand's media relations manager says. "We just need to see what they're up to." Mini, of course, which would be expected to lose, therefore has little to lose—and just comes off as good humored and fun loving. Check out Mini USA president Jim McDowell's formal challenge in the video below, and the brand's full-page print ad from The New York Times after the jump. UPDATE: Porsche says thanks but no thanks.

—Posted by Tim Nudd