Poll: Has the Old Spice guy run his course?


Does the Old Spice guy still smell fresh, or has he passed his sell-by date? My colleagues Rebecca and Ellie are excited for Isaiah Mustafa's return. Still, I can't help but feel that in today's ADD culture, it feels like his time has past. Maybe it's just the new video, but I didn't find him all that funny or even particularly likable. Mustafa comes off as tired and played out. Others agree. GolinHarris's Len Kendall thinks he comes off as redundant. Mullen's Edward Boches thinks Wieden + Kennedy might have a new writer on the account. Commercial director Jason Zada dredges up a notorious Happy Days episode in which Fonzie leaps over a certain much-feared aquatic beast. I'm sure Mustafa still has a wellspring of support out there. (His "I'm Back" video already has 250,000 views.) And Old Spice is counting on that with its "superfan" idea, in which the brand will seed the next spot with a single fan and let him or her disseminate it with their friends before it officially breaks on Feb. 7. It's always hard to retire an ad franchise—look at how past their prime the "Mac vs. PC" spots were in the end—but it might just be time for Old Spice to hang up the towel. What do you think? UPDATE: The Old Spice guy explains the "Super Fan" idea in this video.