Please don’t feed the economy, say CPAs

Here’s a sign that the revolution is nearly upon us: a showdown between certified public accountants and America itself. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has been running a campaign for a few months called Feed the Pig. Videos show a porcine salesman urging people not to spend all their money, and to feed the piggy bank every month. Which of course runs contrary to the U.S. government’s hopes for its tax rebates, which we are all encouraged to squander on something, anything, fast—but not on savings, which would defeat the whole economy-stimulating idea. At least the spots aren’t from the Ad Council, which would put the goverment in the awkward position of advertising against its own policy. UPDATE: Actually, the Ad Council is involved in Feed the Pig. Save? Spend? Who knows what to do now?

—Posted by Gregory Solman