Please design this horror-movie poster

Silenthill_2Here’s your chance to design your first horror-movie poster! Simply click on the image, which will reveal a larger version, fill in your design, and follow the directions here for sending it to TriStar Pictures. (That site has stills from the movie, Silent Hill, in case you want to use them. It also has the official rules of the contest.) It’s a pretty cool idea, and you could win $2,500, but the guidelines are pretty strict. First off, as shown here, you have to use their type treatment for the movie title. Bor-ing! Second, if you want to use any images other than official movie stills, you must own the images yourself, and you must abide by these fairly comical restrictions: “1. No nudity or sexual activity; 2. No gun to camera/no shooting to camera; 3. No gun to victim/no shooting to victim; 4. No more than 2 guns may appear; 5. No reference to drugs/drug paraphernalia; 6. No offensive language or gestures; 7. No blood; 8. No violence towards women; 9. No cruelty to animals; 10. No mutations/mutilations/cadavers; 11. No excessive violence or brutality; 12. No rape/molestations; 13. No people on fire; 14. No people in explosion/people blown out of explosion; 15. No exploiting/capitalizing on rating (i.e., “R has never gone this far,” “Banned in Boston”); 16. No demeaning of religion, race or national origin.” It sounds like they’re looking for something like this.

—Posted by Tim Nudd