Playboy TV pities you and your lame reality

Zig unzips an ad campaign for Playboy TV with the tagline, "A better reality awaits." Ads contrast the cable net's fare with less attractive "realities." In the spot above, the alternative to Playboy TV is a faux Bachelor-type reality show called Eligible Women. Oddly, it actually looks pretty cool, with a curvy blonde threatening the "catty wenches" who are competing against her. "Keep barking and I'll eat your faces off!" she yells at them. Whoa, I'd like to see that! Forget the lame bikini soft-core footage from Playboy TV's real shows that runs at the close of the spots. Those may be reality shows, but they're about as "real" as Eligible Women. C'mon, let her chew on some face! I'll bet she could take those three beanpoles at the top of the stairs with one hand tied behind her back.

—Posted by David Gianatasio