Philadelphia: Most depressed place on U.S. soil

Zoloft_guy1_1W.C. Fields had a point when it comes to disparaging Philadelphia. According to a new survey by Men’s Health magazine, it is the most depressed city in the country based on “antidepressant sales,” “suicide rates,” “and the number of days inhabitants reported being depressed.” The City of Brotherly … uh … Despair was followed by Detroit, which makes this recent post about getting a depressing job at JWT all the more timely, and St. Louis. The proudly angst-ridden City of New York ranked a mere eleventh, and actually ranked behind such alleged paradises as St. Petersburg, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona. But what struck us strangest about the survey is that Jersey City, New Jersey, located directly across the Hudson from Manhattan, was the third happiest city right behind Laredo and El Paso, Texas. We can only assume that Jersey City residents, living in such close proximity to Gotham, think they are happy, but are actually really, really good at denial.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor