P&G’s Stengel talks to the ANA

Stengeljames1Since as Procter & Gamble goes so goes marketing, we thought we’d take a second to point you to an interview with P&G global marketing chief Jim Stengel on the blog of Bob Liodice, president of the Association of National Advertisers. Stengel, not at all coincidentally, is also the headline speaker at the 2005 ANA annual conference called “Masters of Marketing,” Oct. 6-9 in Phoenix. In the interview, he talks about what his company uses to make its almost 300 brands “resonate with consumers,” which increasingly revolves around reaching people at important places in their lives. Asked what he is looking forward to at the conference, he replied: “Inspiration, ideas, camaraderie, and a little sunburn. The ANA annual conference is a marketing ‘fitness spa’—you exercise old muscles you have not used in a while, and you discover new muscles during an energizing marketing workout.” To which we say, feel the burn.

—Posted by Celeste Ward