PETA composts ‘Veggie Love’ with outtakes

"Why don't you pick a vegetable and show us how much you love it." If I had a dime for every time I've heard that on line at the bank and at job interviews. Actually, it's the opening line of this 90-second clip from PETA, which is apparently running short on original concepts for "banned" Super Bowl ads. The animal-rights group goes back to the well with this garden-variety footage of hot bikini babes (and a doughy guy named Joey) auditioning for its 2009 "Veggie Love" Super Bowl spot. NBC, you may recall, rejected that spot, which featured hotties getting quasi-biblical with produce and the tagline, "Vegetarians have better sex." The zucchini fellating and celery-stalk spanking in these newly released outtakes is similarly NSFW, but more low-rent and goofy. PETA is harvesting plenty of publicity by releasing the clip to BuzzFeed. Some say women don't rub tomatoes and radishes all over themselves in real life. Well, you haven't been to my Super Bowl parties. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to start filling the bathtub with guacamole.

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