Pepsi/iTunes is the best thing ever

FreesongRecently, after getting eight losing bottle caps out of nine, we declared the Pepsi/iTunes promotion staggeringly flawed. “Since the odds of winning are so good (they’re 1 in 3), it’s easier to get on what feels like a losing streak,” we groused, in our queasy, overcaffeinated state. Well, it turned out that our next four caps were all winners, making it 5 out of 13, which is an even better return than the odds would suggest. OK, so actually Pepsi/iTunes is the best promotion ever, and anyone who complains about it just ain’t buying enough Pepsis. Moving on, though, we would like to say a few words about the iPod sweepstakes, which is part of this promotion. They say they’re giving away one free iPod every hour, and sure, that sounds like a lot. But is it really? What kind of fools do they take us for, anyway? We’ll never win one of those. How completely unfair.

—Posted by Tim Nudd