Passionate about Pabst? Shoot an ad.

Cobrand_schlitzThis from our comments box: a site called CoBrandIt asking if we could call to AdFreak readers’ attention that it is asking people to submit what it is calling “documentary advertising” in the following categories: beer, gear and cars. It will pay you $50 for participating. “We’re interested in homemade advertising and the real-life experience of consumers and brands,” the site says; it then wants to interest advertisers in the results. (We’ll see about that.) Sure, this idea smacks of the Converse Gallery, where people submit short films that are odes to their Chuck Taylors, but what the hey. If you’ve got a passion for a product, spend your Saturday afternoon shooting a film about it. (The picture here, by the way, is from a short film about Schlitz that’s currently on the site.)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor