Parody Poster Captures the Special Hell of Summer Music Festivals

Neat Dude Collective has been there

Neat Dude Collective's "Yet Another Fucking Music Festival" parody poster is as observant as it is snarky, so clearly they've got some folks who've been to Bonnaroo and Coachella more than a few times. It's nice to see them point out "2 Dudes & a MacBook," because for a while I thought I was the only person who noticed that becoming more of a thing, although "Cute Girl With a Guitar and a Sundress" is slowly ceding ground to "Cute Girl Kinda Rapping to Shitty Drum Loops." And I hate to say it, but Neat Dude Collective—an entertainment, art and design group—could be the name of one of the bands playing this festival. Via Laughing Squid.