The Parents Television Council strikes again

I applaud the Parents Television Council’s call for advertisers to boycott KateModern. Who knew this Internet-based “teen soap” was so violent? From Mediaweek: “The main character in the show works for the police as a blood spatter expert, who has channeled his desire to kill by secretly targeting only criminals.” Whoa. Makes Gossip Girl look tame. Also, there seems to be gender confusion: “The main character … channeled his desire”? And the show’s about someone named Kate? Like I said, kids need … oh sorry, I got a couple of stories mixed up. The PTC actually wants to boycott CBS’s Dexter. There’s blood spattering, which is why they’re peeved. But the character apparently has no issues with being a guy, which is a relief. KateModern just signed up a new advertiser. Might as well boycott it anyway. It’s really stupid. Not that I watch. Much. And the kids need protection, especially where protection is concerned. Just ask the PTC!

—Posted by David Gianatasio