Parasailing ad donkey dies of a heart attack


Sad news from Russia (like there’s any other kind): Anapka, the donkey that was forced to parasail last summer for an advertising stunt, has died of a heart attack at the Strely Yarily animal farm. The grim spectacle of Anapka’s terrified braying as it soared over a Russian beach angered animal activists and veterinarians, one of whom said the stunt “border[ed] on bullying and unequivocally leads to severe stress, if not death.” Frankly, it’s a wonder Anapka didn’t have the heart attack then! Despite this, Anapka led a long life, making it to 40 years old, when most donkeys cash in at 25 or 35. Since there’s no way to end an article about the death of an abused animal with a joke, I’ll just raise a glass to Anapka and honor its memory by never, ever going parasailing.