Papa John’s unveils its giant crop-circle ad


Papa John’s giant six-acre crop-circle ad, which we wrote about during the planning stages, has gloriously sprung up in an “unassuming wheat field” near Denver, per the press release. And apart from a few apparent moldy bits on the pepperoni (click the image to enlarge), it looks pretty decent. The pepperoni is actually red mulch, the green peppers are corn stalks, the black olives are black mulch, and the cheese is harvested wheat. Artist Stan Herd led the creation of the monstrosity over a period of about three weeks. Herd, in order to get paid, had this to say: “This was an incredible opportunity for me to showcase the beauty of a Colorado wheat field through the style of art I enjoy creating most. Fortunately, Papa John’s was willing to allow me to lead the design of the image, which was important to me. And after I got the opportunity to meet the folks involved, I knew this was going to be an amazing project.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd