Pam helps your bratty spawn rule the roost

This spot from DDB San Francisco for ConAgra's Pam cooking spray seems stuck in an Eisenhower-era time warp. The cupcakes are sticking to the pan? So what? You've come a long way, baby! Haven't you? The fact that it's all revealed as a bad daydream makes things worse, because it equates a non-stick, sitcomy world with perfection. The tagline, "Pam helps you pull it off," isn't exactly a feminist rallying cry, either. Look, those brats don't need sugary treats. Why give them more energy to howl? Serve 'em spinach and broccoli. Cold and raw. That's how I was raised, and look how I turned out. Those kids must've sat slack-jawed through month after month of Baby Einstein, because they sure lack any sort of social skills.

—Posted by David Gianatasio