PACT underwear worth showing co-workers

PACT underwear heats up a drab workday in this "Office of Eden" video. Clothing simply flies off the bodies of two white-collar drones. Whoa, that guy must run the mailroom, judging by the prominence of his package. And forget the secretarial pool, Little Miss Bra-Less belongs in a hot tub! The online apparel firm makes environmentally friendly, organic cotton garments, noting in its tagline: "Change starts with your underwear." That's true—but for me, only on Fridays, and sometimes on holidays. At the end of the clip, the PACT-bottomed pair rush out into a sun-drenched Edenic garden. Note the wall clock: It's the middle of the afternoon. Along with all the sexiness, they get to take a half-day! Also, I can't help but wonder: If the underwear's organic, does that mean it's edible, too?

—Posted by David Gianatasio