Can Frank Sinatra Make a Teen Clothing Brand Cool?

Finally, clothing makers have given our teens a choice. Do you want to actually be stupid or just dress irresponsibly? PacSun is advocating the latter in this new campaign by 72andSunny. The spot includes skate, surf, and motocross athletes I've never heard of (so they must be cool!) and a whole mess of PacSun brands. It also includes the track "Irresponsible" from Frank Sinatra, whose appeal to the teenage bobby soxers of the 1940s is undeniable! Will teens take a hipster approach and appreciate the authentic swag of the classic crooner in one of those situations where it's so old it becomes new again, or will they roll their eyes at a pathetic throwback attempt by a brand created in 1980 and shove the earbuds back in? Let's go to Twitter to find out the reaction!
@Karinalovin: "Pacsun's commercial is full of buns." Well, that answers that.
@koya_beautyy: "i love the new pacsun commercial. i wish i knew the song in the background its beautiful. love old songs like that <3." Proving not everyone who can tweet can Google.
@lejon_ "I hate the fact that fucking Pacsun used a Frank Sinatra song for their commercial. #lames" Brilliant use of the #lames tag.
@adambomb3: "Oh shit I love the new Pacsun Commercial! That shit was cool as fuck." This was cool enough to get retweeted.
@ienrique: "PacSun commercial, you don't see that often." Perhaps the most astute commentary of all.