Package from FedEx, though not absolutely

Fedex_guyHere’s an absolutely true, heartwarming story that shows that dreams do come true, despite the (allegedly just ended) New York City transit strike: On Wednesday, the second day of the strike, one of my closest friends, who usually takes a cab to work from her home in midtown to her job in the West Village, copped a ride in a group cab that somehow ended up depositing her at the FDR Drive and 14th Street. It was a part of town she never otherwise frequents, but close enough, she figured, considering the plight of many of her colleagues, out there trudging from Brooklyn in 20 degree weather. As she got out of the cab, she saw a package glinting in the light on the side of the road. Unopened and in pristine condition, it called out to her, she says. She picked it up to see if she could do a good deed, and read the packing label. It was addressed to Barbara Lippert at Adweek. She hand-delivered the package to me, and the rest, as they saw, is a Chrismakwanzakah miracle. Thanks for holiday blessings, FedEx!

—Posted by Barbara Lippert

Credit: FedEx