P. Diddy’s ad a hotbed of controversy

Pdiddy_1In case you missed this yesterday, Estee Lauder is reshooting an ad for P. Diddy’s fragrance, “Unforgivable,” because some department stores deemed the original too steamy for Midwestern and Bible Belt shoppers. The ad showed Diddy in the post-coital sack with two nudies, one Asian and one white. (You can just see moms and dads trying to answer Junior’s questions with the words, “Sleepover party!”) Estee Lauder is standing by the work, sort of, saying it is unfortunate that some retailers are uncomfortable with the ad’s “sexual presence.” Of course, the new ad (left), featuring all three at least partially clothed, isn’t as titillating, but at least the perfume company will be able to sell its wares to the family crowd without raising such a stink. And the old ad, posted by BrandNoise, is garnering the company priceless publicity—especially among those Diddy fans who want to smell like a bad, bad boy.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit