Overgrown humans star in food, lottery ads


Presented for your approval, two spots where average human beings grow into giants. (Watch them after the jump.) From Australia, via Badjar Ogilvy, we have "Teenzilla" for Kraft Easy Mac. Crikey, the kid's destructive, smashing through biscuit-factory windows and ripping the tops off bakery trucks as he searches for a satisfying snack. I'd pick him to win a battle against the gradually expanding slacker dude in DDB's "Small World" commercial for the New York Lottery. Note how he trashes the newspaper as he emerges from the subway. Who needs the help-wanted section when you're a sure-bet Powerball millionaire! All it takes, we're told, is "a dollar and a dream." Reality check: If he just blew his last buck on a lottery ticket, he won't even be able to afford a single serving of Kraft Easy Mac! I guess the big doofus can always tear open bakery trucks when he gets hungry. 

—Posted by David Gianatasio