ButtApparently, Fox has decided that Mickey Rooney’s a— is akin to Janet Jackson’s b—b when it comes to public consumption. (We apologize for the hyphens, but we can’t afford to pay an FCC fine either.)

According to USA Today, the network has nixed a spot for Airborne (a supposed natural cold remedy) because it shows—very briefly—Rooney’s rear as he runs from a coughing man in a sauna. Apparently, Fox (which approved Who’s Your Daddy? and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss) deemed the spot “inappropriate for broadcast.”

With winter, it seems, a chilling effect is both in and on the air. Keep this in mind as we anxiously await Anheuser-Busch’s follow-up to last year’s tasteful rendering of horse flatulence.

—Posted By Aaron Baar