Orbit’s roaming mouth is bit of a clean freak


Two campaigns with disembodied mouths in one week—what were the chances? First, we had Virgin Mobile's gabby gum-flappers. Now, Wrigley's Orbit gum sends a faceless mouth cruising around a neighborhood in this 90-second stop-motion video (posted below) by graffiti artist Goons and ad agency EVB. Unlike most taggers, Goons's work consists of temporary paper creations that "appear," guerrilla-style, on Chicago streets every now and then. Hey, we've all got time to kill, right? Folks can "clean" away the artwork if they so choose, so I guess there are some synergies with the brand's familiar commercial message. The clip was directed by Partizan's Ace Norton, who used handheld still cameras to tell the story of a civic-minded mouth that cleans a dilapidated house. The brand presence is kept to a minimum (just an end logo). And the soundtrack, "Keep It Clean" by Camera Obscura, is catchy. Best of all, tired brand platitudes like "Dirty mouth? Clean it up" never pass these particular lips.

—Posted by David Gianatasio