Orangina’s latest fetish is interspecies S&M

If you thought Orangina's big percussive-butt extravaganza was on the raunchy side, check out this bestial-sado-sexual spot from Fred + Farid Paris for Orangina Red, made with blood oranges. An animated panther-dominatrix chick in a bikini cracks the whip, forcing a pudgy, middle-aged guy to strip down to the Full Monty. (Given this chrome-dome's physique, you'll wish he kept his clothes on.) Even when he's nude, the lash-cat orders him to "keep going!" Does she want him to leap out of his skin? Well, do you, evil-sexy hellcat?! Sure, it's kind of shocking, but it's true: Orangina makes a drink with blood oranges now! Oh, when I encouraged you to check out the spot, I meant at home. Via Adland.

—Posted by David Gianatasio