Opposable thumbs are overrated

GuineapigsNote to CareerBuilder: Monkeys are soooooo over. Guniea pigs—the species that made its first notable ad appearance in Doner’s Blockbuster spots—are poised for a comeback after earning some underground cred in a series of viral ads for Egg Financial. In the ads, a community of working class GPs test out new credit cards for the UK Internet bank. Not convinced? Check out Musearts’ Guinea Pig Theater, which offers a pathos-filled rendition of Romeo and Juliet (right) as well as an interactive Sound of Music rehearsal. Trying to get eight cartoon guinea pigs to warble “Doe a deer,” may give you a new appreciation for your third-grade music teacher. Thanks to MilkandCookies and DevilDucky for the links.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit