One-testicled man has a ball with fundraiser


Slackers of the world have a new patron saint. Mark, the one-testicled Torontoan who spent 25 days at home on camera in his underwear, has raised $50,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society through his publicity stunt with underwear brand Stanfield's. Surrounded by webcams 24 hours a day and clad only in the client's undies, Mark shattered the goal of 25,000 Facebook Likes (each Like earned a $1 corporate donation), sparking Stanfield's to double its donation pledge to a maximum of $50,000. The challenge for the brand now is using this success to build a long-term Facebook audience. Unfortunately, the 52,000 Likes generated by the project were for the campaign site, not the brand's official Facebook page. But Stanfield's has found other ways to keep the momentum going, like offering to donate $1 toward testicular-cancer awareness for each online purchase of "Mark's Favourite Gitches," which might make sense to those of you who speak fluent Canadian.