OK, let’s move on to the new MySpace logo


Gap wasn't the only brand to unveil a new logo last week. MySpace, the formerly cool social network that's fallen on hard times (and is certainly not on Adweek's Digital Hot List this week), introduced a new mark that features the word "my" and a symbol for a space—which is meant to indicate the site's ability to foster any and all of its users' interests, whatever they may be. The new logo will go live later in the year. "MySpace is a platform for people to be whatever they want, so we've decided to give them the space to do it," explains MySpace vp of user experience Mike Macadaan. A video posted after the jump shows the new logo in action, which works better than the static image. Choosing to ditch half of your name in your logo is certainly a radical move. But as TechCrunch points out, unlike the old logo, at least the new one doesn't have any Human Centipede connotations.