OK Go launches video contest on Facebook


OK Go, the music industry's lords of viral, have put out yet another video. This one's a stop-motion bonanza with a slick pink track suit. But as always with this band, that's just the beginning of the story. (For a primer on their adventures in YouTube, go here.) The interesting aspect this time is a contest, called "My 'Friends' Are Cooler Than Your 'Friends.' " The video points to Facebook, where (once you consent to receive promotional e-mails from the band) you can get a secret download link. You're then encouraged to download the video, upload it to your own Facebook page, and get people to comment on it. If your version gets the most comments (likes count as half) by June 30, you win an engraved iPad preloaded with OK Go's music and some random stuff they find amusing. This latest innovation from these relentless self-marketers might cost them some YouTube views. But then, how many YouTube views equals the influence of a Facebook comment? We may never know.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers