Ohio Lottery gets crafty with its holiday ads


Speaking of nutty holiday ad characters, Northlich introduces an overeager arts-and-crafts enthusiast in its new spots for the Ohio Lottery. One ad is posted below; see a bunch more here. The theme is "Makin' It Fun With Maggie." But in Ohio, as in Illinois and every other state, lottery tickets just aren't much fun as gifts. If they're losers, it's like not getting a present at all. If they're winners, it's worse, because then you feel obliged to share, since the giver will be pissed off if he doesn't get a cut. Ohio tickets are especially bad, because you have to go to places like Cleveland to collect. And folks who live there can't afford to move because they waste all their cash on lottery tickets. Look, I'm a grinch, and I usually don't give a sh*t for the holidays. But this year, thanks to Oxfam, I just might.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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