Oh, right, Pat O’Brien’s out today

ObrienAs we are way into scientific analysis of the media, we went out into the field last night to conduct a study that we think is of critical importance to the (oxymoron watch!) entertainment journalism business. It involved seeing when, or if, the syndicated show The Insider, which has bravely crusaded to uncover such stories as "Corey Haim’s Drug Addiction" would mention the trip to rehab just begun by its own host, Pat O’Brien. We sat through (no, wait, actually we were simultaneously preparing a nutritious dinner for our family) stories on Hollywood’s reaction to the Terry Schiavo case, Lisa Rinna on the plot to kidnap David Letterman’s baby and other commentary of profound import to the nation. Finally, at 7:27 p.m., just minutes before the show’s end, co-host Lara Spencer, as though suddenly realizing something was amiss, explained Pat’s deal and sent good wishes. This is not a critique, mind you, merely an observation. If we really thought The Insider would blaze a trail for broadcast journalism, we would be sadly mistaken.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

Photo credit: Kerrick/Zuma/Newscom