Oh hey, it’s another virtual world for tweens

Tween Brands Inc. and Philadelphia ad agency Red Tettemer have spewed forth yet another tween virtual world, just a few weeks after Disney XD burst onto the scene. This one's dying by design. ScapeNation is your standard build-an-avatar, play-games, win-points world, but with a twist: It's being destroyed by "The Darkness," and it's up to you to save it. When I signed up, ScapeNation assured me that I'll "want to play, like, all the time!" After a few games, I had earned 16 ScapeBucks, but when I went to buy stuff, I found out the merest T-shirt starts at 400! Which made me, like, not want to play at all. So, I spent the next hour thwarting the parental controls. You can't say "I am a banana!" or use the word "cake," but vajayjay, masturbation and nutsack somehow escaped the no-no list. ScapeNation is still a bit pretty limp in terms of content, too. Like Bella Sara, they have trading cards. Like Club Penguin, they're targeting both boys and girls. But if it's true that the players really can choose to save the world or let it die, then they've really got something different. Still, 400 ScapeBucks for a T-shirt in this economy?

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers