‘The Office’ PSA spoofs dole out real-world advice

As a child of the ’80s, I credit PSAs in part for my successful navigation through a very dangerous world. Thanks to Nancy Reagan, who told me to “Just say no,” Gary Coleman, who instructed me to “Stop, drop and roll,” and G.I. Joe, who reminded me that “Knowing is half the battle,” I’m not a crack addict, I’m not on fire, and I’ve never been abducted by Cobra Commander. So when NBC last night demanded my attention with its trademark “The More You Know” melody, I sat up straight and waited for my next life lesson. Sayeth Ryan from The Office: “You might be out with your friends on the weekend in a cool part of town when someone offers you a beer for $9. Don’t do it. $9 is way too much to pay for a beer. Just walk away.” Another gives advice on how to handle office romances, and a third, from Kelly, offers the following makeup tip: "If you use two shades of lipstick, it can even look cuter." OK, so it’s an April Fool’s spoof series, but it’s still valuable advice.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit