Office guy actually went nuts for Angelina

In the week or so since the "Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane" video surfaced, the discussion seems to have focused less on “Is it real?” than “Who’s behind this fake viral?” The answer, as you probably already guessed, is Timur Bekmambetov. On the off chance you’re not a die-hard fan of Bekmambetov and a loyal reader of his Cyrillic blog, I’ll explain. He’s the director behind Russia’s brilliant Night Watch and the upcoming movie Wanted, kind of a “Matrix meets Grosse Point Blank” affair starring Angelina Jolie and random other people who aren’t Angelina Jolie. So how does the office freakout tie into his new movie? According to Cinematical, the viral stunt was about breaking out of your workaday drudgery, as the geeky main character does in Wanted. I suppose it could have been worse if freakout guy had started trying to “bend bullets” around his co-workers’ heads.

—Posted by David Griner