NYT’s David Carr fires up Oscars blog

Carpetbagger_1For those of you who can’t get enough David Carr, the New York Times media reporter now has his own short-term blog, The Carpetbagger, focusing on the ins and outs of Oscar season. Carr began the blog this morning and, let’s see, posted items at 4:02 a.m., 4:06 a.m., 4:07 a.m. and 4:18 a.m. We hope his computer clock is messed up. “The Carpetbagger is aware that people tend to ignore the preliminaries that accompany any new column/blog/curio, so I’ll keep this short,” Carr writes in the opening post. (Not only do we not ignore such posts, we quote from them.) Here’s what Carr is planning: “The Academy Awards are preceded by a campaign that everyone pretends is not a campaign: screenings, mentions, and minor awards are all major elements of an ineffable process that can lead to over-the-top speeches and riches beyond imagination, or at least enough legs for robust DVD sales. The Carpetbagger is designed to examine those glitzy folkways as they unfurl, and to have some laughs along the way.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd