Noted TV-set killer Alice Cooper sells Sonys

Alice Cooper looks about 80 years old in this new Sony spot from TBWA, airing in the U.K. His roadie "Lloyd," who disturbingly bares his butt-crack at one point, looks even older. That's all part of the joke in this likable, Spinal Tap-inspired ad directed by George Hickenlooper of Epoch Films. It touts a Sony initiative designed to convince people to trade in their old televisions to get money toward new Bravias. Alice discusses his penchant for tossing TVs out of hotel-room windows, noting that it was easier to do in the '80s because "they bolt them to the wall now." He adds: "I once threw out my own TV. I thought I was in a hotel room." If Alice shows up at a Motel 6 trying to take advantage of that rockers-stay-free promo, they'd be well advised to turn on the "No Vacancy" sign.

—Posted by David Gianatasio