NOM airing first anti-gay-marriage ad in NY

This new ad from the National Organization for Marriage—its first TV spot opposing attempts to legalize same-sex marriage in New York—is a fairly typical cut-and-paste negative ad. Inveighing against same-sex marriage, it uses smiling-bride-and-groom wedding photos, images of kids piling out of yellow school buses and a somber message about the Death Star blowing up our planet should same-sex marriages occur (not really the last one, but it does use some classic scare tactics). One of the most skewered phrases in the spot (the quote is blown up for maximum horror and derision) is "a teachable moment." That's what the administrator of the Creative Arts charter school in San Francisco called it when some first graders were allowed to attend a same-sex wedding. Turns out the wedding was for their teacher, the trip was suggested by one of the parents in the class (the rest were free to opt out), and the kids were not at the ceremony but lined up outside the doors to throw flower petals on their teacher. Seems to me that's all kids that age want to do—throw flower petals at weddings—any and all weddings. All the kids seemed very excited about it. One of the students, 6-year-old Nolan Alexander, told a reporter that marriage is "two people falling in love. It means that you stay with someone for the rest of your life." Um, clearly that kid needs more education.

—Posted by Barbara Lippert