No one seems to vote for this Pedro

VoteforpedroEfren Ramirez, who plays Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite, is currently playing DJ on a national Vote for Pedro Tour. Where can you find out about this landmark cultural event? Not on That URL is owned by Peter “Pedro” De Baets, an obscure Libertarian in Southern California who has run for office twice and lost both times. “No, I wasn’t in the Napoleon Dynamite movie!” Mr. De Baets writes on the site. “I hear it’s a very funny film, and someone named Pedro runs for office. I hope to see it soon so I can be in on the joke!” In a follow-up post, he writes, “I finally saw the Napoleon Dynamite movie, and it was hilarious. I recommend it to anyone, and if you don’t want to see it, then FINE!! 🙂 … If only I had Napoleon working on my campaign, I’d be a sure winner.” Meanwhile, the consensus on Ramirez’s tour is that it’s just wretched. A reporter at the Daily Vail in Vail, Colo., writes: “Pedro’s turntable skills were weak, playing most of his songs from start to finish with little mixing. He should stick with baking cakes.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd