With no Interstate battery, you’re on thin ice


In a new campaign, Firehouse positions Interstate car batteries as "outrageously dependable." But the spots aren't really outrageous. By today's wacky standards, they're pleasantly restrained. The "Pinball" spot (below) makes good use of its minute-long running time to build suspense and get viewers hoping that maybe, just maybe, the dude can get his car started and avoid the seemingly inevitable collision with the vehicle sliding his way. Even if, like me, you were rooting for a crash (after Black Friday, I have no goodwill left toward men), the ad's still effective. Same goes for the second spot, which shows a hippie/IT type guy struggling to get into his car, which is sandwiched into a parking-lot space. Life clearly let this guy down. The last thing he needs is his car doing the same.

—Posted by David Gianatasio