No. 1 with a bullet

50centalbumWe can’t help but wonder if last week’s bullet-laced scuffle outside the studios of New York’s Hot 97, between people associated with rappers 50 Cent and the Game, was all planned to coincide with the release of Fiddy’s new album, The Massacre, last week. (It debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album charts.) Ratcheting up the drama surrounding the rap star—who is known for allegedly surviving nine gunshot wounds in 2000—isn’t a bad thing in the world of gangsta rap.

The shooting—which resulted in the hospitalization of one person outside the studios—was followed yesterday by this: the decision yesterday by 50 and The Game to call a truce (read: publicity stunt?) in Harlem at a joint press conference. "I’m launching a new foundation, the G-Unity Foundation Inc., to help people overcome obstacles and make a change for the better in their lives … to help them overcome their situations," 50 Cent said in a story. "I realized that if I’m going to be effective at that, I have to overcome some of my own. Game and I need to set an example in the community."

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool