A nipple-biting crow flies in for Tom Ford ad


One word that instantly springs to mind when I think of Tom Ford’s advertising: unrepentant. What does the company sell, anyway? Clothes? Eyewear? Perfume? Nipples? There’s one of those on display in its new ad campaign. See the NSFW image after the jump. Yeah, that’s one lucky crow. Note the trickle of blood higher up: classy! I’d make this my screensaver here at the office, but my co-workers would probably tell me to get stuffed—just like that bird. Or they’d give me the finger, though hopefully not in the “markedly vulgar” Tom Ford way. Here’s another image from a few years back, possibly the pinnacle of this advertiser’s smutty oeuvre. Or is that one from last year’s AdFreak holiday bash? Tough to tell them apart sometimes. Via Copyranter.