Nikon plays enabler in Kate Moss comeback

It’s not so surprising that after her little trip to rehab Kate Moss was able to resurrect her endorsement deals with fashion marketers, such as Calvin Klein. But it is surprising to learn that Moss now has signed an endorsement deal with an advertiser who’s not part of the Seventh Avenue cabal, and that it’s a brand, spanking new arrangement. Moss has been named spokesmodel (well, actually, she doesn’t speak in the ads) for the Nikon Coolpix S6, a new camera targeted toward the youth market. Print starts tomorrow, and there’s a few teaser visuals at, but the bulk of the effort starts in May. Weirdly, the effort on the Web site will let people take pictures of Moss and bid on items of hers. You’d think after the "Cocaine Kate" episode, she’d be a little less willing to let just anyone take a picture of her.

Posted by Catharine P. Taylor