Next stop C-Span for Miss America?

TiaraLet it not be said that AdFreak neglects to solve society’s problems. Here’s a solution for one of them. Over the weekend, an article in The New York Times discussed the quandary the Miss America pageant faces in the aftermath of ABC’s decision to drop the telecast of this September’s competition, following last year’s “disappointing” ratings. Miss America officials have discussed turning the pageant into something more akin to today’s “reality” TV shows, “although state and local organizers say they would rather see their program stay off the air than have contestants get down in the mud and the bugs like the competitors on Fear Factor.” The article reminded us of the way network TV has turned its back on another recurring civic event: the political parties’ presidential nominating conventions. As you know, the broadcast networks now barely deign to air a glimpse of the conventions. People who want to see gavel-to-gavel coverage have learned to find the invaluable C-Span on their TV dials. And that, surely, is the solution to the Miss America problem: Instead of trashing up their pageant, the Miss America folks should arrange to have it shown on C-Span. This is a win-win if ever there was one: Miss America gets to stick with its traditional format, perhaps augmented by a segment in which Brian Lamb quizzes the young ladies on their knowledge of current events; and C-Span gets the biggest ratings in its history. Should our proposal be adopted, all we ask in return is that the newly crowned Miss America pay an official visit to the AdFreak offices.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver