New Zealand ad warns of bad burger drivers


Clemenger BBDO in New Zealand put together some new road-safety PSAs that are awfully goofy, yet find a novel way of communicating the potentially deadly consequences of driving while eating, applying makeup or using mobile gadgets. Four spots (one below, three more after the jump) show cars in violent slow-mo crashes with a mobile handset, an iPod, a cosmetics compact and even a hamburger—with the works! The effect is more compelling than it sounds (OK, the burger spot is pretty damn cheesy, in more ways than one), and the campaign wisely avoids the gut-wrenching mutilation imagery so common to the genre. The super-cool, low-gliding compact looks like a UFO. (Colliding with one of those isn't too healthy, either.) The burger is much deadlier if you eat it, especially if special sauce is involved.