A new super V-chip? What the @$#%?!

Pinupgirl So, the FCC is overseeing development of a “super V-chip” that would be able to screen content on everything from cell phones to the Internet. Well, that’s just total @$#%! It’s @$#%! There are too many @$#%& restraints on freedom of expression already. Is this a @$#% democracy or what?! If those @$#% don’t like it, they can move to some totalitarian state, like Texas or New Hampshire. Besides, there’s no way they’d ever get the super-V chip to work. Example: I’ve uploaded this raunchy picture here. Yeah, super-V chip my @$#%. UPDATE: Oh, now I see how this works. My profane tirades and saucy images get censored, but this guy’s free to show off his @$#%!!

—Posted by David Gianatasio