New Mars candy bar Fling plays hard to get

BBDO created this commercial for the U.S. launch of Mars’ Fling candy bar. A guy and gal appear to get hot and bothered in a dressing-room stall, but all is not as it appears. This is supposed to illustrate the tagline: “Naughty, but not that naughty.” Frankly, the spot’s logical, but not that logical. At the end, the woman nibbles on the product and makes a “thinking-sexy-thoughts” face. Does the Fling bar turn chicks on? If so, shouldn’t they market it to men? Then, a woman’s sultry voice says the candy has “less than 85 calories per finger.” Calling them “fingers” is weird, too. Are we supposed to wonder where they’ve been? I’d like to check out that groovy boutique, though, because they sure don’t let the opposite sexes change right next to each other at Marshall’s. Though you can find half-eaten chocolate bars in there sometimes.

—Posted by David Gianatasio