New Gatorade jingle not as old as you think


Gatorade has created one of the rarest things in the advertising world: a jingle so good, no one realizes it's a jingle. The sports drink's new G Series ads from TBWA\Chiat\Day made their debut with the NBA playoffs, and it doesn't take more than one or two views to get the song stuck in your head. The track's old-time, upbeat soul vibe makes it sound like an Otis Redding B-side scrounged from the vinyl depths of obscurity. But no, it was actually written by R&B producer David Banner, and sung by Kermit Quinn, specifically for the ads and is even called "Gatorade Has Evolved." Quite a few people are apparently looking to buy the song, but as one investigative-minded blogger points out, you can just download it for free from Gatorade (look for the orange button on the right). UPDATE: According to reports, the song is about testicle moisturizing.

—Posted by David Griner