New Baskin-Robbins ad a bit of a car wreck

Cliff Freeman and Partners scoops up (ha!) a tepid try at humor in this spot for Baskin-Robbins. During Dad's driving lesson, a teenage girl smacks into another car in the driveway. That's OK, Daddy will still take her to Baskin-Robbins. Maybe a few diction classes would cure her of that weird Valley Girl accent. Whatever. The spot's about as bland as a dish of the company's vanilla ice cream. It's a far cry from Cliff Freeman's classic Little Caesars "Pizza Pizza" spots of yore. Yes, it's unfair to judge an agency based on work it produced for a different client more than a decade ago. But given the expansion of my waistline during that same period, at least partly due to Baskin-Robbins and Little Caesars, it's tough to feel sympathetic.

—Posted by David Gianatasio