New ad campaign guns for Florida

Florida_gun_adForeign tourists, please pay attention: if you feel like threatening a local during your American vacation, do it in Vermont or San Francisco. Anyone who starts trouble with a Floridian now may go home in a body bag. A new ad campaign from a Washington, D.C. gun control group is warning people about a law Florida Gov. Jeb Bush recently signed, giving the good people of the Sunshine State the right to shoot when threatened in public, just as they can do to protect their homes. At particular risk are travelers from abroad, because according to some, they are the people Floridians trust the least. The print campaign from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will run in U.S. and British magazines, and should the Brady group find itself with more money, publications in Germany, Japan and France. The law goes in to effect tomorrow.

—Posted by Celeste Ward