NBC puts ‘West Wing’ out of its misery

WestwingIt’s a few seasons later than they had hoped, but the folks at Don’t Save Our Show! finally have their wish, as NBC says it’s cancelling The West Wing in April after seven seasons on the air. The show started out brilliantly. But when series creator Aaron Sorkin left after the fourth season, a group of hard-core fans watched aghast as The West Wing morphed into a buck-toothed, pidgeon-toed version of itself. They decided to appeal to Jeff Zucker. “Isn’t requesting cancellation an unusual step for self-declared fans?” they wrote. “Yes, it is. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and we can no longer sit silently in front of our television sets every Wednesday, disappointed yet again. Instead of watching the slow slide into unrelenting mediocrity, we urge you to let The West Wing go out with some measure of dignity.” The show later went through a brief creative revival, but ratings sank again recently.

—Posted by Tim Nudd